Healthier Choices Dictate Longevity

For well over a decade cosmicsolutions has been presenting practical information intended to prevent or alleviate common health issues and promote good healthy habits. These practical solutions have proven beneficial for many individuals who have been struggling financially, overcoming unfavourable lifestyle issues, and those engaged in unhealthy social conditions.

Regardless of your age or current health status, it is never too late to improve your quality of life. Regain your agility by consuming a healthy balanced diet and participating in regular physical activity. The cause of stiffness aches and pains usually does not rest in the joints or bones, but in the muscular tissues that control the joints. Consider increasing your nutritional intake and becoming more active to naturally slow down the aging process.

farmland degradation

With the pressure on farmers to produce food sources to feed the growing population, we all have to consider that the nutrient content of our food supplies may not necessarily contain the nutritional content as seen in years past.

Adding to the degradation of our farmland is the use of herbicides and insecticides that make their way into our food sources. It is every individual's own responsibility to seek out clean alternative life sustaining nutrient sources.

fastfood addiction

Unimaginative individuals resort to fast food diets that seem to be more affordable than nutritional alternatives, but never stop to consider the price they and their family will pay for unhealthy dietary choices and long term nutrient deficiency.

There is no miracle diet to correct obesity, maintaining a healthy body weight throughout your life is essential to gaining overall body health. Poor dietary choices will most certainly lead to organ failure and numerous other disorders.

The Fundamentals!

Agricultural practices continue to diminish our valuable farmland, concentrated plowing and monocrop agricultural methods have caused nutrient depletion, and the addition of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides have polluted our soils, tainted our waterways, and affected the food source.

The Commercials!

Fast food is addictive by design, the calorie count in a regular serving is extremely high, and the sugar, salt, and fat levels exceed what your body requires for sustenance. These three ingredients are known as trigger substances and when combined into a food source, addiction applies.

The Knowledge!

It is the responsibility of each individual to educate themselves as to the correct path in regards to healthy living and healthy lifestyle habits. We have endeavoured to provide practical solutions to gaining a healthy standard of living with the available resources we all have at hand.