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These days your career is somewhat larger than just a job or an occupation, it is actually the variety of both paid and unpaid experiences that you embark on throughout your lifetime. You can expect that your career will be influenced by various things, such as education, interest, age, families, and cultural ethics, most of which may change over time. In the 21st century, very few individuals will keep the same job or occupation for life. You can also expect to make several changes throughout your career.

Ultimately it is up to you to actively manage the process of structuring your career, rather than just allowing it happen. You should indeed invest your energy to plan and manage your life long career journey by undertaking further training in any projects of interest. After all, you are the individual that is best suited to make choices on the basis of your own knowledge, skills, and interests. But you are not alone, always keep in mind that there are other qualified individuals who can assist and support you along the way.

Mantra Training & Development offer personalised training programs tailored to the needs of your organisation, or you, the individual. The new and spacious training facilities [located at Federation Square Nicholls ACT] is a fantastic location to experience bright, vibrant trainers, who deliver courses that will keep you engaged, and most importantly, will deliver on all expected outcomes.


Mantra Training & Development offer Training and Traineeships in Business, Financial Services, Information Technology, and Workplace Training and Assessment. We also offer Accredited Courses and Personal Development Courses for you to acquire new skills or improve your current skills to advance your career.

Our people have over 20 years experience in the Business, Management, Financial Services, Administration, Marketing, Retail, Computer Hardware and Information Technology Industry.

We are firm believers that better learning outcomes are achieved through Innovation, Flexibility and Support. We get to know individuals, understand their needs and their preferred learning strategies, and adapt our training accordingly.

In your quest to make the best possible career choices, it is always advisable when applying for a new position to present an effective resume!
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Canberra Accredited Training Courses ACT - The Benefits!
Training courses can be highly effective when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of any business establishment. Businesses that make the choice to invest in specialised training courses for the enrichment of their employees reap many benefits over businesses that don't.

Existing Employees!
Training courses are also of great benefit when it comes to teaching an establishment's original staff new procedures with new elements of the business or of their specific positions that may surface as a company evolves and expands. As with newer employees, long-time staff members often welcome the opportunity to pick up new skills that will enhance their performance on the job or increase their personal level of value within the organisation. Training courses can also prove to be quite valuable when it comes to preparing appropriate individuals for lateral movement within the company which is beneficial both to the individual and the corporation at large. Overall Work Quality and Efficiency Improves!

New Employees!
Training courses help new employees understand the job at hand more quickly and thoroughly than they would otherwise. Training courses give employers the opportunity to select the training each employee receives to ensure that the person in question will be properly prepared for employment in their specific position. Studies show that new staff members who are provided with the necessary training from the beginning tend to remain with the company longer because training courses lower the average person's level of frustration with a new or unfamiliar job. This can save a company from many headaches when it comes to high staff turnover. Companies that are known to properly train new staff are more likely to draw in quality applicants for their positions vacant.

Canberra Short Training Courses ACT - The Benefits!
Short training courses allow individuals and employees to become more versatile and grant them the ability to take on new duties that assist in keeping their jobs exciting and viable. When employees of varying seniority levels are put through a procedure of appropriate short training courses, the overall level in regards to work quality, rises. The work environment as a whole runs smoothly and is far more pleasant and productive.

Of course, there are costs involved with implementing a program of short training courses for the employees of a specific facility or organization. However, when these costs are weighed against the potential benefits, the headaches, the additional costs that can be avoided by offering proper training courses, the increase in work quality and value that can be applied to each employee, - The Short Training Courses may turn out to be well worth it for all involved.


Through face to face communication, additional information is available such as that deduced through body language and modulation of voice, coupled with instant clarification. Altogether, face to face communication offers a greater richness of information compared to the distance education method!

Businesses and Individuals should carefully evaluate their options relating to various training methods to determine the best way for learning to occur. Training goals can most effectively be achieved when course instruction and the relationship between instructors and students is dynamic.

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The accounting and finance fields are a multifaceted skill area that can provide an individual with numerous career paths including various service industries, financial planning and taxation, management consulting, auditing, stock broking, and merchant banking.

Over the past few years the increasing sophistication of the accounting and financial environment, coupled with the consistently changing investment markets have lead to a remarkable increase in demand for properly skilled accountants and financial advisors. In fact the accounting industry alone is predicted to grow by at least four percent annually over the next five years. Strong growth will continue in this field as organisations discover the strong connection between operations, strategy, and finance. The improving business confidence and consumer spending within the Australian economy will further provide for numerous career choices within the accounting and financial fields.

Possible Job Titles: #cashier #accountant #accounts clerk #bookkeeper #accounts supervisor #accounts manager #service accounts manager #finance officer #financial planner # finance manager #insurance advisor #investments advisor #property advisor.
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The Benefits Of Participating In A Traineeship,
A traineeship is a structured educational program that proposes a valuable alternative for any individual that wishes to gain a qualification through employment, or for employers seeking to employ an individual to be trained on the job in a formal way. A traineeship provides individuals with an incredible opportunity to achieve practical skills at work while receiving on and off the job training. This basically means that the individuals participating in a traineeship (trainees) will earn while they learn. A traineeship is just a fantastic approach to kick start an individual's career, or to invite an individual into your profession and have them properly trained while learning how your business functions.

If you would like to know how your business could benefit from employing a trainee and if your business is eligible for $4000 worth of government paid employer incentives, Contact Mantra Training & Development and we will provide the time to discuss the benefits for your business.

Traineeships in the workplace are a fantastic way to learn while you earn. Assisting the students to develop skills in the workplace to enhance their career opportunities is just one of the huge rewards we get to experience.
Mantra Training & Development is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
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 * Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015)
 * Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915)
This Dual qualification incorporates the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and the Diploma in Leadership and Management. To achieve both of these nationally accredited qualifications, your investment would normally be valued at over $6500!

Mantra Training & Development are running a special program for those individuals that have already acquired experience in the management field. These eligible individuals will be able to participate in this dual qualification at a discounted rate of just $4500.

In addition, if you have eligible new or existing workers, the training could be 100% subsidised! Receive $4000 in Incentives for New Workers and $3000 in Incentives for Existing workers.
Mantra Training & Development is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

For eligibility please contact us on 1300 898 872
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An important facet of the government plan is to offer government funded training opportunities to the population. Apart from developing well qualified professionals, an equally important purpose of government funded training is to enhance the quality of life for the population.

Participating in government funded courses online is certainly a convenient and affordable means to attain proficiency in various highly desirable fields for both the employed and unemployed individuals.

It also goes without saying that Government Funded Training is most certainly the smarter choice for businesses or organisations to improve the output and efficiency of their own internal workforce.
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Attention supervisors or leading hands usually taking instruction from a manager who wish to further develop their supervisory or frontline management expertise. Step up and take the plunge to accomplishing a full industry standard qualification that builds, encourages and prepares supervisors and team leaders into becoming leading departmental or frontline managers.

The leadership and management qualification is delivered by knowledgeable trainers with real industry experience in the training, business, management, administration, marketing, retail, and information technology industries.

Upon successful conclusion of the leadership and management course, all participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification.
Mantra Training & Development is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
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* FAST-TRACK Opportunity Also Available For Individuals Already Experienced In The Management Role!
Not everyone is born a leader, and certainly no one is born with the ability to manager. Managerial proficiency is achieved and developed only from experience. But the simple fact is that every individual company requires properly qualified managers on its team. However, the lack of managerial material amongst job seekers is making it difficult to find qualified personnel to fill this essential role.

The diploma of management qualification reflects the role of individuals who are employed to manage the work of others, or to add value to, or reassess management practices. This training course is intended for team leaders and individuals who want to gain superior positions of management responsibility within their organisation.

This exceedingly sought after, Nationally Accredited Qualification will afford you with the skills required to manage a range of business activities across numerous industry regions.
Mantra Training & Development is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
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Develop effectual methods for organising and scheduling projects as you put the effective tools of project management to work. Learn how to centre your attention on managing the constraints normally facing any project such as human resources, materials, time limitations, and budget.

Gain the confidence and solid appreciation of project management practices and methods with this comprehensive course. Achieve practical experience in demonstrated project management techniques and discover a wealth of essential information that you can use immediately to warrant the success of any project within any type of organisation. This course is of great value for anyone intending to climb the corporate ladder, or anyone requiring commercial skills.

The project management qualification is delivered by knowledgeable trainers with real industry experience in the training, business, management, administration, marketing, retail, and information technology industries.

Upon successful conclusion of the project management practices course, all participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification.
Mantra Training & Development is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
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All existing workers either owning a Business, Managing a Small Business, or aspiring to Manage a Business or those wanting to change direction and run an office for a Small Business this is your opportunity to attain a Nationally Accredited Qualification in Small Business Management.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of small business contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others, and have responsibility for the output of others.Mantra Training & Development is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
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